Hanbury Tennis Club is located in a still, green and tranquil corner of Alassio, in the centreof the "Baia del Sole".

Founded by Daniel Hanbury in 1923, the twelve thousand square metres of green surround 7 championships tennis courts and the elegan colonial style clubhouse, wich stands under a sea of pine trees and original palm groves.
The ancient stone walls are framed in roses and geranius, which are constantly in bloom as the sun beats against whitewashed walls reflecting the red colous of the tennis courts.

Set against a green hill above the town, the tennis club is an oasis of sun and tranquillit with an atmosphere tha can only come from a magical place that has remained intact and uncharged for so long.

A place that lived throught the romantic age of tennis, with champions such as Australians Hopman and Crawford, and home grown champions from Italy such as De Stefani, Cucelli, Del Bello and Pietrangeli.