Club House

Hanbury Tennis Club, a still corner of green and gay remembrances in the center of the "Baia del Sole" was founded in 1923 by Daniel Hanbury.
Twelve thousand square metres of green that sourraund 7 tennis court, the elegant club house in colonial style; inside, under the sea pine trees and the original palm graves, in the middle of small walls made in ancient stone, frame of rosaries, bougainvillaes and geraniums always in bloom against the ochre whitewashes which reflect the fields'red ground, placed next to a vertical section of a intact and green hill, you can take advantages from the oasis, the sun, the quiet and magic atmosphere mantling a well know place when you know it be the same for so long.
In this case the same place where played the champions, of the romantic age of tennis, as the Australian Hofman or crawford, and the ones of our land, as De stefani cucelli, Del Bello, Pietrangeli...


The Skordis family have made numerous improvements to every structure of the club, placing particular attention to the quality of the restaurant.

The careful service and the wide choice of dishes comprising international and Mediterranean food, are available for the Lodge’s guests and for all members of the Club.


Ruth Hanbury took particular care with the tea-rooms and bridge-rooms. He was the direct offspring of the founder, and he has been the secretary for more than 30 years.

He was an odd fellow, an English man who boasted a descendance from the famous aristocratic House of Wellington. The club had, and still possesses an extraordinary peculiarity and ambience, wich emits an atmosphere of complete hospitality.


The Tennis Lodge “Villa Filippa”, is a separate building located in the grounds of the club, amid the tropical greenery and pine trees. The Lodge has 16 rooms and is available for booking throughout the year. The Skordis family, who have owned the club since 1977, made some significant changes to The Tennis-Lodge (English Villa since 1860), and have modernised its service and its amenities, along with the other buildings in the club.
The Lodge has welcomed the “Veteran International Tennis Tournament” and “Cariplo European Interbancario Tennis Tournament” every year.

Full services included permanent courses held by tennis master Andrea Valdetara. Courts are available all year long not only for the numerous members, but also for guests, who can also take advantage of the rooms and amenities at the “Villa Filippa’s” Lodge.